About Chef K. Cutty

Peace Family. My name is Kiya Sade Towles and I am an Alkaline Vegan Chef. As I expand, on this website you will find all Alkaline Products which will allow you to maintain the highest frequency for human maintenance. My life long goal is to bring knowledge and healing to you through the teachings of Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline Lifestyle. Through his teachings I was able to heal myself from asthma, allergies, endometriosis, chronic sinusitis, and anemia. When we truly take care of our bodies our entire being starts to change, remember, the gut and the mind go hand and hand. We have to eat to live family, everything comes from the internal! On May 4th 2019 my father Lloyd Derrik Towles passed away from diabetes. At the time his blood sugar was over 600 and in that moment it resonated with me that my health issues may be the result of poor eating habits as well. Only a few months into the Alkaline Lifestyle I found this to be very true as many of my health issues started to disappear. So ultimately we have to unlearn and relearn family because a lot of the things we were taught since childhood are untrue. Changing my lifestyle and becoming an Alkaline Vegan has by far been the best life choice I have ever made. I believe that self love starts with self care, and now that I truly love myself I am able to love you all! Peace & Power Family!


 Let’s Get Right!